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Disaster Storehouse | Restoration

Disaster Storehouse

We are storing some nonperishable foods and the equipment to prepare those foods in case of a disaster such as a hurricane or extended power outage.  You can help add to these supplies from the list below.  There will be a container in the foyer of the sanctuary to collect these items.

Large bags of rice white or brown.
Lg. bags Noodles.    Spaghetti.
Large bags of dry beans such as     Pinto, Kidney,    Black,     Navy   &     Great Northern.
#10 cans  (or any size) of Beans – Pinto, Kidney, Black, Navy, & Great Northern,     Tomatoes, or Tomato Sauce,  Spaghetti Sauce,   Sauerkraut
 Carrots,     Green Beans,     Potatoes,    Corn,  Peas
Applesauce,      Peaches,      Fruit Cocktail,    Puddings.
Cooking Oil or Shortening
Spices -  Salt,   Pepper,     Garlic powder,     Onion Powder     Dried Onions,
Parsley Flakes     Oregano Leaves,     Basil Leaves   Bay Leaves
Chili Powder,     Paprika,     Cayenne Pepper, or Red Pepper Flakes.
Worcestershire Sauce,  Vanilla.
Lg. Boxes of Powdered Dry Milk
5# bags  Sugar,    Flour
Quick cooking Tapioca,      Lg. Boxes Instant Pudding.      Popcorn (NOT MICROWAVE)
Jams & Jellies,   Peanut Butter,   Honey,     Pickles
Canned Ham,      Lg. cans Tuna,      Lg. cans Chicken
Canned Beef,     Canned Pork,     Canned Corn Beef
2# boxes Velveta cheese
Corn Bread Mixes
Muffin Mixes
Boxes of Snack Crackers and Soda Crackers
Cookies without filling
Hard Candies
**Note** — Try to buy items with furtherest out dates.